29 November 2014

Birds Nesting on Window

Birds Nesting: A pair of white-bellied sunbirds started visiting our kitchen window the end of October, attempting to build a nest onto the metal window frame. They weren't having much success so we closed a small twig in the window to give them something to build onto. The female was the builder, making many trips back and forth with bits of spider web, grass and leaves. She would occasionally bring the nesting material to the wrong window pane and seemed to have trouble constructing the nest at times, dropping much of what she brought. Perhaps she was a first-time builder.

In only about 5 days, however, she had constructed her nest while the male would only occasionally make brief appearances. He seemed to simply be the inspector and didn't have much to do with the building. 

Several times we have seen the male sunbird visit the nest and immediately after he leaves, a male scarlet-chested sunbird arrives. We've heard them bicker a couple of times which is what brought it to our attention. Perhaps a love triangle? Most of the photos are taken with an iPhone and I've only managed to get one shot of the scarlet-chested at the nest but will continue posting more photos to add to the story.

Source: Laurie O'Donnell

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